Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many rooms are there? Are they in different buildings?
A: There are in total 11 appartments, which include individual bedrooms and suites.

The main body of the chateau houses 8 appartments, consiting of bedrooms and 2-room suites (3 on the first floor and 5 on the second floor). It also provides shared space which includes one very large kitchen, a large living room with piano and fireplace, and a dining room. Most of the bedrooms and suites have a private bathroom, and the advantage of a big house is that you get to have very cool housemates who will be friends for life.

There are also 2 appartments in the Cottage, and a 3-room suite in the Mews

Q: What does the Chateau looks like? Can I see some pictures?
A: For pictures of the Chateau, click here
    For pictures of the Cottage, click here
    For pictures of the Mews, click here

Q: Do you have internet?
A: Absolutely yes. We have two very robust wi-fi networks and connection speed is perfectly good to watch videos, talk on Skype, etc. Internet is included in the rent.

Q: I want my own bathroom!
A: Most rooms have their own private bathrooms, sink and shower. Quite a few of them even have a bathtub!

Q: Will I need a car?
A: Yes, most people get a car. Some of them share (which is ok if you are in the same section), but most people appreciate to have their freedom of coming and going. Usually it takes around 8 min to get to campus.

Q: Where do I park ?
A: The yard provides space for up to five cars simultaneously. There is free overflow parking in an adjascent street, less than 200m from the property. On campus at Insead, there is ample parking space underground, which is also free.

Q: Ok, how much does it cost and what does it include?
A: Rent is calculated on a monthly basis, and ranges from 650 € to 950 € in the chateau, depending on the suite. The rent is somewhat higher to rent the full Cottage which is a 2 suite house in its own right. The rental charge covers:

  • The rent itself
  • All utilities
  • Water, gas, electricity
  • Internet, including VOIP telephone to landlines
  • Cleaning twice a week

The only extra charge is the mandtory Tenant insurance, which should be contracted for with a French Bank or EU insurer. The typical cost is 80 € for up to 1 year

Q: Sounds cool! How do I get in?
A: We ask the people who are interested to send an e-mail using the contact form to confirm availability

Q: Can I visit and take a look?
A: Sure, just drop us a line!

Q: I am a smoker, is that a problem ?
A: There is no problem with smoking in the garden or yard, as long as wastes are properly disposed of.

Q: I have a pet, can I bring it ?
A: Having a pet requires unanimous consent of all other tenants in the property. This is probably only realistic for occupants of the Mews or the Cottage.

If you have any further questions, please email us using the contact form.